Discover more trading opportunities. Automatically.

Detailed daily insights on over 7,000 corporate bonds on our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform

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Identify More Opportunities
Granular insights and data on over 7.000 corporate bonds presented in simple visualizations that allow you to identify more opportunities, faster
Monitor Risk More Effectively
Our highly accurate and transparent probability of default model will allow you to monitor your fixed income portfolio more effectively
Supercharge Your Research
Quick and easy onboarding allows your team to get started within minutes and focus precious research time on more opportunities
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Comprehensive Market View

Millions of cleaned, processed and aggregated data points accessible through our platform or via an API to give you a robust view of the market at all times.

Simple and Understandable

Simple and understandable visualizations to help you quickly make sense of the current state of the market and identify time-sensitive trading opportunities or impending risk events. Easy to implement and use, saving time to focus on portfolio performance.

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Robust, Accurate and Explainable

Our AI-based probability of default model strikes a fine balance between industry value and technical sophistication. Designed by an academic expert in credit risk, the model is robust, accurate and fully transparent, telling you exactly what is driving our analysis.

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