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Explainable, fundamentals-driven, AI-based insights on over 9,000 corporate bonds for managing risk and allocating capital more effectively.

Why Choose Migrations?

Here are a few reasons why
forward-thinking portfolio managers
choose Migrations for credit analytics

Unbiased Insights | Migrations.ml

Unbiased Insights

Our data products are developed using only macro-economic and company fundamentals data points, which means it is free from bias and can be used to assess the true risk of a company and the market. Bring quant and fundamental research into your workflow with minimal lift.

  • Clear visibility into driving factors
  • Solid foundation for enriching existing models
  • Identify opportunities with trivial amount of energy

How it works?

Ways where Migrations
credit analytics helps

New investment opportunities

Identify new trading opportunities by monitoring discrepancies between OAS and Migrations spread.

Model Enrichment

Enrich existing default models, forecasted losses and trading strategies.

Portfolio Risk Management

Understand existing portfolio risk in accordance with current market conditions.

Counterparty Risk Monitoring

Develop a robust counterparty risk management framework that limits portfolio risk exposure while maximizing returns.

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